Web Design


Do you own a business? If so, the chances are almost 100 percent that you also own a website for your business. It’s one thing to own a personal website where you are not promoting a product or a service. However, it’s quite a different thing when you own a business website where you are promoting a product or a service.

Our web design is focused on bringing your business to the next level. After all, you can’t just put a website up on the Internet and automatically expect to draw visitors. There are techniques involved that make that happen.

There are three factors that help to bring the most number of visitors to your website so that you can effectively promote your product or service. Your goal is to take those visitors and turn them into customers, and with the right strategies, you can do that.

Line Web is a web design, internet marketing & SEO company that is dedicated to your success. Before we look at what we can do for you, specifically, let’s explain the three major concepts.

What is Web Design?

Web design is the look of your website. It’s essential because it represents the first impression to prospective clients. Strong web design can not only attract visitors, but it can keep visitors on the website long enough to turn them into customers. Weak web design will repel visitors, causing them to click away and move on to another site.

So what are some of the major factors of strong web design?

The correct color scheme

Whatever the genre you represent, the color scheme you choose for your website should match it perfectly. For example, if you’re a wedding website in Miami, dark, bold colors are probably not the right choice. Instead, soft, inviting colors are what you will see with properly designed wedding sites.

Site Map

What’s just as bad as poor color choices for a website? It’s a site that is not organized. Visitors must be able to navigate your site with ease, and the way to do that is with a site map. A properly designed website will have a user-friendly approach for visitors to click around to where they want to go.

Includes links to your social media sites

In the 21st-century, billions of people are on social media. Therefore, having a presence on social media is no longer an option for a business who is selling a product or service; it’s a necessity. Thus, not only must you be on the major social media sites that fit your niche, your website must link to them, on the front page of your site, in a convenient manner.

Line Web specializes in web design. We will work with you to develop compelling visuals along with a user-friendly experience, and we’ll ensure that your site looks good on all technologies, including smartphones where 58 percent of people do their Internet browsing. We do everything from basic landing pages to custom-tailored websites that fit your brand.